If you want to stand up from the crowd and plan a Kool Beach Party to be remembered, why not look at these KOOL ideas to make sure your friends have a KOOL time!

1.  Send them a KOOL and memorable stubby invitation!

Give them a customised stubby holder decorated as the theme party with your friends’ names, time and place. They can bring them along to keep their drinks kool and trendy! The KOOL4U stubby holder will be a take away souvenir.

If you’re having a home beach party, then why not add a little extra decoration with a bar runner and drinks coasters to match your theme. A Kool place for your party guests to leave their drinks whilst they go dancing.

2.  Take your time to decorate the place as a beach party!

You don’t need to spend much; all you need to do is add the little extras that will keep your theme alive around the food table, under the canopy, and the like. Decorate with colourful balloons, some artificial palm trees, pineapples and some colourful necklaces.

3.  Decorate food according to your theme party!

Be creative and get the most from fruits. Make fruit cocktails with pineapple, watermelon and passion fruit. Cut a watermelon and use half of it as a plate for grapes or any other fruit.
Mix and match to create colourful drinks and servings, your friends will love it!

4.  Set the right beach mood!

Music is essential for having a good party. It depends on which type of party you’re having, but music could go from a huge range of smooth reggae up to dance music.
Take your time to choose a suitable play list for all guests so they can all have a kool time!

5.  Suit up!

Make sure there is a beach dress code. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or just wanting to create a fun summertime bash, a beach party is sure to make a splash!

If you hold your party at a beach, then you will obviously have an automatic beach theme backdrop.


To help you get into the beach theme party frame of mind, we’ve put together links to the best party supplies. Here are some great options for a lot of cool beach decor and party ware, sure to delight:

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And of course, don’t forget your  Stubby HolderBar Runner or Drinks Coasters from Kool4U