Attracting your Ideal Clients requires from you a multidimensional approach including identifying the characteristics of your preferred clients and creating marketing messages that magnetizes them towards your business and retains them.

To get high client conversion rate you should be specific about your market and who your ideal client is. This will require you to put aside a specifically designated business development time every week for strategic thinking. Your objective should be to give your clients more than they expect, and to make them see enhanced experience of before and after their dealings with your business, so that you can create raving fans. Aside from using your unique selling proposition and an authentic marketing approach; you need to implement marketing programs with systems and measuring criteria to get results and to make your clients stay longer with your business based on sound fundamentals of client attraction criteria as follows:

  • Make Ideal Clients attraction a priority by devoting one full day per week for your marketing strategy and client attraction. Don’t get distracted. Figure out what is clogging your day and rectify it.

  • Focus on results and advantages to your clients. Get specific about benefits, results and the problems you solve. Focus on the motivator and know who your direct and indirect competitors are and what sets you apart from them. Clients are not interested in processes and labels they want to see results.

  • Craft your ideal client profile by focusing on a target market and on something only you can provide. Determine what size and type of company you want to work with, the common denominators of you best clients, and then intensely research your target market. Ask your best clients what they struggle with, and find out where they hang out so you know where you need to be.

  • Construct your compelling marketing message; come up with a claim that points out that you would solve your ideal client’s problems. Memorize a ten to thirty second elevator speech that explains what you do and wow your prospects.

  • Package what you know offer and charge. Create your own proprietary system or a program and label it. Rather than offering one program at the time, sell packages and give clients options.

  • There is little out there in marketing material that pulls the clients, use marketing driven testimonials….Get clients to call you with pull marketing material, put pull marketing questions that your ideal client will say yes to on your business card and website. Use marketing driven testimonials spend time developing a web site that draws clients in.

  • Get out there in a big way, don’t stay as the best kept secret. Get out networking, speaking, building your brand power….Get out there in a big way. Write a letter of introduction to let everyone you know learn what you do. Build strategic alliances, rub elbows with your ideal clients and get to know them at close proximity.

  • Create your ultimate marketing circle with slices of various marketing segmentation. Slices of your marketing circle can be;  networking, public speaking, e-newsletter, promotional flyers etc. Learn to fish where the fish are…. Create your model marketing circle that will define your products and services cycle. Each slice of your circle should be a way to find your ideal client inexpensively.

  • Become a master at closing the sale by pre-qualifying your clients. Set up a get acquainted session with potential clients and prepare your prospects for the close by letting them know about you, your services and your results ahead of time. Master the art of a soft close, ask two key questions that will close the sale without making you feel pushy.

  • Implement systems for consistent action and results, in other words, put your marketing on auto pilot, and eliminate feast or famine by being systematic about client attraction. Look at your marketing pie and make your slices consistent and automated and building blocks.