From the hundreds of the Kool stories we receive from our clients, one definitely stood out. Sarah, a South African engineer arrived to Australia and resided on the Gold Coast six months ago. After getting accustomed to the local lifestyle and developing great friendships and business relations, Sarah bought an apartment and decided to invite all her new friends and associates to her Aussie home warming BBQ party.

However, Sarah wanted the occasion to be both memorable and fun. That’s when she called Kool4U two weeks ago and inquired about our stubby coolers as she thought it was the perfect way to show her appreciation to her friends. Sarah said that she has been to a couple of BBQ parties and noticed that some guests arrived with their stubby coolers. She also thought it was a great idea as the stubby coolers kept the beverage cool and fresh.  Sarah had one problem; she called our factory on Wednesday and the party was on that Saturday.

To her pleasant surprised Sarah discovered that we can deliver her order on time without any hassles. She also was ecstatic when she discovered that not only she can have her images on the coolers but she can also have the stubby cooler personalized to include the individual name of each friend on the cooler. It took no time for Sarah and our team to come up with some great ideas. The job was booked on the factory production list and the completed 80 coolers were delivered to Sarah’s apartment that Friday afternoon.

Sarah called our factory the day after the party to thank us for making it easy for her to include images of her new apartment on the coolers and for the prompt delivery of the stubby coolers.

Sarah said” You really made my day. You helped me create the coolest party ever and my friends were extremely surprised to see their own full name on their stubby cooler with a note from me and the amazing image of the beach view from my new apartment. Thank you Kool4U, you are really very cool.”

The feedback from Sarah made our day and made every one of our team feel that while we think we work to provide products we are really providing enhanced experiences and joy for both our clients and their friends. And we love it!