Promotional products are widely used by businesses, but few use them effectively. Deciding which promotional products to use for branding and promoting your business can be a challenging exercise. The key factors in making promotional products work for you is to decide on the right product by giving people what they really want. Furthermore, designing them properly and keeping in mind that Quality targeting is more important than quantity and the cardinal rule is don’t skimp out.

There are two distinct set of customers that you should be giving promotional products to: The first is your current customers who are likely to make repeat visits. The second is non-customers who may make a purchase from you in the future. Not everyone is going to shop with you and you need to minimize your potential losses by not sending your promotional material to the wrong people. Unless your brand is very strong, non-targeted promotional product spam is only going to lose money for you.

Promotional products are widely used by businesses

Determining who you need to target can be difficult. For repeat customers, you can use web analytics programs to find who your repeat customers are. You can find trends like purchased products, title, location, etc. You can mail out promo and light marketing material to customers who make similar purchases, or send your promo material with orders when they meet certain criteria. Also, just use some common sense. If someone makes a purchase for a product that requires continuing upkeep or additional supplies, make sure you are getting them promo material. If someone makes even a single repeat order make sure you include them as well. If they made a second order, they are even more likely to make a third.

A recent study has found that eight out of ten people prefer to have a promotional product that could be used around the house and at the office. Stubby Coolers made of neoprene have proved to be one of the most popular items people want to have. If designed, printed and manufactured properly, stubby coolers are the ultimate tool to increase your customer loyalty and attract new customers. When designing your stubby coolers you should take extra care to ensure top quality. You need to be absolutely sure that your information is very clear and professional. Use vector based logos for print. Jpeg and other pixel based images are for the web and computers, and should never be used for print. Make sure that you choose clean fonts that are easily readable.

The important thing to remember

Getting promotional products to everyone is going to lose money. But, getting the promo material to the right people will increase your sales and for a lot cheaper than other forms of marketing.